Thursday, 15 August 2013

You just carnt make money as you used to

With so many regulations... with globalization.. yes its A NEGATIVE THING YOUR MORONS and capitalism squeezing every last penny unsustainable just for profits now with no consideration for the the future means that starting a business is both a impossible task and a wild goose chase too. The internet was meant to be the next best way to start a business and replace the high street and the cost of renting and running a high street shop but instead it just proves to be something only the STUPID FREAKS WHO ARE ALREADY RICH CAN DO. Search engines make it stupidly impossible to get anywhere on the first page and make any sales unless you buy ads on there stupid search engine instead where you then give ALL you profits to the stupid rich people again whilst you work for free basically!

Well thats my views we are all doomed thanks to greedy nerds who run the internet!

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