Thursday, 15 August 2013

Those stupid internet nerds!

Internet nerds are making seo impossible stupid freaks from one particular search engine even make videos mocking webmasters that they are going to get them and ruin their business! The stupid morons!

Lol my blog is just turning into one angry rant about stupid nerds nowadays wups... i only want to make a little bit of money but cant because these freaks are stopping me.

You just carnt make money as you used to

With so many regulations... with globalization.. yes its A NEGATIVE THING YOUR MORONS and capitalism squeezing every last penny unsustainable just for profits now with no consideration for the the future means that starting a business is both a impossible task and a wild goose chase too. The internet was meant to be the next best way to start a business and replace the high street and the cost of renting and running a high street shop but instead it just proves to be something only the STUPID FREAKS WHO ARE ALREADY RICH CAN DO. Search engines make it stupidly impossible to get anywhere on the first page and make any sales unless you buy ads on there stupid search engine instead where you then give ALL you profits to the stupid rich people again whilst you work for free basically!

Well thats my views we are all doomed thanks to greedy nerds who run the internet!

How can you really make money online from scratch?

Making money online from scratch (nothing) is just about a impossible task ..but i did say just about and not totally. It doesn't help with big business doing all they can do destroy small websites just starting out... for example search engines making it impossible to promote your website and get visitors as search engines are like the gateway to the internet and if they penalize you for promoting your websites wrongly then you are doomed! Anyway to make lots of money online you will need a product to sell and a website.. After finding a product that give you lots of profit you must then promote it and use seo to get to the top of the search engines even though the search engines dont want you to do this.... anyway that all i know hope this is some help atleast!


I have created this fun blog which i will be using to posts loads of cool(well i think so anyway otherwise I wouldn't be bothering posting them would I) articles. You will find lots of fact but much more of my opinions though. You will have to excuse my grammar at times as i am not the best at English but i do try!

How to grow taller

We have so many good.. no wait a minute rubbish scam method out there telling you one thing that contradicts another thing you have read. The truth is that you should not believe half the stuff you read on the internet and you shouldn't believe 90% on the internet about growing taller as well you cant grow taller! But what you can do is increase your height.. ay what isn't that the same thing? Yeah i guess.. but i guess not because you not actually physically growing taller though as that would need cellular growth which stops when growth plated fuse together.. all very confusing i know but the ways to "increase your height" are as follows

Stretching exersies.. yawn.. good if you want to stay fit and healthy and have good posture and good bones and should be done but stretching exercises will take a long time.. worth it all the same but what if you just aint got the time or dont wanna wait?

Well that leads me onto suggesting something that gives you instant height much like high heels would be far less obvious and far less harmful to your feet. Height increasing insoles! A pair of height increasing insoles are designed for height increase can be adjusted accordingly to the height you want.. people wont know you got em on either (because the insoles are put inside your shoes so peopel cannot see the elevated heel).

You best bet if you want more height is to wear height increasing insoles and to also do height stretching exercises to improve posture as bad posture can make you shrink.

(Oh yeah im just adding this text here on my how to grow taller post just to make sure nobody auto scrape and posts this article without my permission on another website... as if they do they will look quite stupid..... you should be reading this article on chicagobeerblog finding this article anywhere else means someone has ripped it and it a idiot!)

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