Friday, 1 November 2013

Gain the extra height!

Not really about beer but interesting non the less... and will help you small folks be able to reach up to the bar! You would think that getting taller was something of a myth really.. when you think about it it is rather impossible to force your body to grow taller and definitively if you have stopped growing as your height is based upon genetics no matter how many fruit and vegetables you eat once you get to the height your genes have in mind that is it. But there are other ways to get taller.. you may not be growing taller but it is the next best thing... height increase insoles are made to make you look much taller than you actually are.. it may sound a bit bizarre but these shoe lifts really do work.. trust me on this I have a pair myself. Half a inch taller or 3 inches taller it is all up to you how taller you want to be.. Buy a pair and be in control of your height because with adjustable shoe lifts you can set the height on them...Not only that but they are really really comfortable to wear as well! So what are you waiting for? you to actually grow taller? Why not instead be instantly taller while you wait? Want to learn more about these height insoles then check out this small guide about them here (well it more of a novel guide for politicians to grow taller but it also has some good info about shoe lifts on it as well). What is more a pair of insoles really aren't that expensive and just cost under £10 online furthermore the benefits of wearing the insoles are huge..more confidence and self esteem... more people will look up to you and respect you plus you will stand out from the crowd as well!

If you need to know anything more about shoe lifts or anything else dont be shy to send me a question in the comments below! Cheers!