Thursday, 15 August 2013

How to grow taller

We have so many good.. no wait a minute rubbish scam method out there telling you one thing that contradicts another thing you have read. The truth is that you should not believe half the stuff you read on the internet and you shouldn't believe 90% on the internet about growing taller as well you cant grow taller! But what you can do is increase your height.. ay what isn't that the same thing? Yeah i guess.. but i guess not because you not actually physically growing taller though as that would need cellular growth which stops when growth plated fuse together.. all very confusing i know but the ways to "increase your height" are as follows

Stretching exersies.. yawn.. good if you want to stay fit and healthy and have good posture and good bones and should be done but stretching exercises will take a long time.. worth it all the same but what if you just aint got the time or dont wanna wait?

Well that leads me onto suggesting something that gives you instant height much like high heels would be far less obvious and far less harmful to your feet. Height increasing insoles! A pair of height increasing insoles are designed for height increase can be adjusted accordingly to the height you want.. people wont know you got em on either (because the insoles are put inside your shoes so peopel cannot see the elevated heel).

You best bet if you want more height is to wear height increasing insoles and to also do height stretching exercises to improve posture as bad posture can make you shrink.

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